Global Meat Industry Executive Roundtable 2019 (M50)


China Meat Association (CMA), US-China Agriculture and Food Partnership (AFP) and International Meat Secretariat (IMS) will organize Global Meat Industry Executive Roundtable (M50) in Chengdu on Sept. 24, 2019. The 4th edition of M50 will have top management from global meat giants (about 50 companies), representatives from government departments, embassies, associations, also researchers and experts. M50 will discuss the current status and development trends of the industry, topics including standards and policies, best practices, opportunities and potential fields, etc.






After 40 year development, Chinese economy is in the transformation process from high speed to high quality. With the increase in income and changes in consumption concepts, China has more demands for meat and higher requirements of meat quality, both of which promote meat import business, attracting the attention of global meat industry. M50 is possible to generate new ideas from different perspectives, not only for China, but also for challenges and opportunities in global meat industry.




   Keynote Presentations of M50 2019:

     Global Meat Market Analysis and Illustration

     Overview on Global Meat Industry Development


     Session 1, Meat Trade Policies under Economic Globalization

     1) Promote the Global Meat Trade Cooperation based on Multilateralism

     2) Create More Trade Opportunities by Market Opening

     3) Improve Meat Trade Policies to Strive for Equal Treatment


     Session 2, Meat Trade Standards under Economic Globalization

     1) Meat Quality Control and Mediation of International Trade Disputes

     2) Meat Brand Building and Mutual Recognition of Product Standard

     3) Meat Market and Global Economy Governance


     Session 3, The Sustainable Development of Meat Industry

     1) Meat Industry Development and Environmental Protection

     2) Meat Industry Development and Animal Welfare Improvement

     3) Meat Industry Development and Meat Safety Safeguard

     4) Meat Industry Development and New Retailing

     5) Meat Industry Development and the Diverse Protein Supply


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