The International Meat Secretariat (IMS) represents the global meat and livestock sector as a vital motor of growth and prosperity to meet the future demands for sustainable, high-quality, nutritious

and safe animal protein.

The IMS is a non-profit organization that brings together livestock producer associations, national and regional meat associations, meat exporter associations, meat processing companies, government,

and corporate partners from around the world representing over 75% of the global production of cattle, pig, and sheep meat. The IMS is headquartered in Paris and celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2014.

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China Meat Association (CMA for short) is a national social organization registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China to represent the Chinese meat industry. It’s now the vice presidential member of International Meat Secretariat (IMS).


Established in May of 1992, China Meat Association is a non-profit social organization nationwide voluntarily initiated by meat related enterprises, public institutions, social organizations and individuals in China. The members include the companies covering the fields of animal husbandry, slaughtering, processing, cold-chain logistics, machinery and equipment, additives and seasonings, packing materials, as well as provincial and municipal food corporations, meat associations, meat related scientific research and design institutes, universities and colleges. 


CMA’s Mission: Serving members, devoting to meat industry development, meeting the demands of meat consumers.


CMA’s Functions: Involving in Industry Management, Responding to Industry Requirements, Strengthening Industry Building, Organizing Industry Exchanges, Providing Industry Services, Coordinating Industrial Relationships, Promoting Industry Development, Protecting Member Rights, Implementing Industry Civilization, Striving for Meat Safety.


The headquarter and secretariat of CMA is located in Beijing. CMA has set up eight Branches for Pork, Beef & Lamb, Poultry, Natural Casing, Meat Processing Machinery & Equipment, Meat Packing Materials, Meat Additives & Seasonings, Importers & Exporters. Besides, CMA also has two Specialized Committees for Meat Cold-chain Logistics, and Meat Technology & Standardization, as well as three Working Committees for Complaint Mediation, Credit System Construction and Meat Safety.

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